Hove Capital

Leveraging modern technology to revolutionise personal finance.

Who we are

Based in central Hove, Hove Capital is a financial software house with over 5+ years financial software development experience, including portfolio management , HFT and performance tracking.

Our work

Rettracktive - A complete solution for users to build, track and manage their pensions with minimal fees according to their risk profiles.

What we do

We leverage modern technology to revolutionise the world of personal finance.

In-house style

Our in-house style is of simple, elegant and performant solutions utilising easy to understand, intuitive interfaces.

Security first Approach

We build with security in mind from the very beginning. Principles such as least privilege, separation of privilege and fail-safe defaults.

Maintainable and Extensible

Our clean code approach means that the applications we build can be extended to meet with new requirements quickly.

User Experience

We work with the latest frameworks and UI practices, ensuring your users have the best possible experience.

Get in touch

If you have a project we can help with, please get in touch to discuss.