Contract & Freelance Software DevelopmentWe Build Tech.

Our in-house style is of simple, elegant and performant solutions utilising easy to understand, intuitive interfaces.

We build with security in mind from the very beginning. Principles such as least privilege, separation of privilege and fail-safe defaults.

We work with the latest frameworks and UI practices, ensuring your users have the best possible experience.

Our process.

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    We gather all requirements for your project and document them correctly, an essential step that is often missed.

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    We design simple and robust systems, ensuring that edge cases are found and that the system is scalable.

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    We take a keep it simple approach and only pull relevent technologies into your project whist ensuring good code practices are kept.

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    Our clean code approach means that the applications we build can be extended to meet with new requirements quickly.

What we do.

Website Development

We go far beyond basic sites, building in a large range of technologies including React, NextJs, Firebase, TypeScript, Flutter and Java, We don't use theme builders and will not build with WordPress unless it's justified for your requirements.

App Development

We have built a large number of MVP's and production Apps, targeting both IOS and Android platforms natively.

Contract Work

Available for contract work, get your projects delivered to specification, reliably & fast. We are setup as a turnkey solution.